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For most people, the fear of going to the dentist is primarily attributed to rather uncomfortable dental exams. It's not about how the dental office smells or how strict the look of the dentist's face is. That fear is really because of opening one's mind on the notion that dental exams are and will always be unpleasant. By this notion we certainly won't agree. 

So this is it. Get the chance to know more about the causes of that fear of the dentist, debunk the myths, and realize that dental examinations can actually be fun with the right mindset. So start browsing our blog today and you will get more information about taking care of your teeth and gums.  Some of the content provided here is courtesy of Lehigh Valley dentists.


No Reason To Be Afraid of the Dentist

When it comes to fear of the dentist, the number speak for themselves. About 15% of Americans avoid going to the dental office because of the existence of anxiety and fear. If we translate that percentage, that would be about forty million people not going to the dentist when they're supposed to. Why is there such a thing as dental phobia? 
If you've been to the dentist more than once in your life, it means you already know the main culprit of dentist fear stereotyping. It is the presence and existence of pain. Many people don't want to go or don't want to come back because they're scared of the pain they might experience in the table. 
Aside from pain, there are other reasons, too. The two runners up are the feelings of helplessness and the lack of control on oneself. When a person suddenly finds himself in the dental chair, it means he's going to stay there still. As a result, there's that feeling of not being in control and not being about to predict when's the hurt and pain going to happen. That's why the dental chair epitomizes the glaring fear of people towards dentists in general, and the helplessness will eventually lead or result to anxiety. 
And then there's embarrassment. Yes, you may feel embarrassed and ashamed that someone is right there poking around your mouth and that someone is a person you just met. You may also feel very self-conscious about how your teeth looks. 
But in this article, what we are advocating is for you not to be afraid of the dentist no more. We focus on telling you that there in fact is no reason at all to be afraid. 

Find a Dentist Who is Genuinely Concerned About You

Find a dentist who will do whatever it takes to minimize the pain and make your appointment as desirable as possible. Anyhow, dentists these days are trained not to hurt you, so don't lose hope. Every reliable dental professional's goal in the practice of dentistry is to make sure you achieve good oral health, and in the process use the proper and ideal procedures for you to go out of the office with healthier teeth, gums, and mouth in general. 
To make sure you eventually get rid of that fear, you have to be committed to regular dental visits. By doing so, you end up liking what your dentist is doing for your oral health and you also get a little bit more comfortable by regularly going back for your scheduled appointments and examination. 
And finally, you have to better understand that your problem with the dentist may all be in your head. So it's really a matter of how good you are in controlling your fear in your mind. But of course, you can never possibly do it without really understanding and learning the safety and comfort procedures used by your dentist to personally ensure you'll have a wonderful time, regardless of what procedure is done or used for treating or addressing your problems in oral health. 
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